Jo Thompson

"I suffered from problems with my singing voice last year and would have been lost without Jo. She is an expert at her craft and has seen my voice through a rigorous year of touring. I have a session with Jo before every big show or TV appearance to ensure my singing voice is the best it can be."

Elly Jackson (La Roux)

Jo Thompson is one of the UK's leading vocal coaches and author of the best-selling singing book, Find Your Voice - The No.1 Singing Tutor. Based in West London, Jo is available for one-to-one or group coaching for singers of all styles, ability and experience.

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"Jo taught me how to control my voice and hit a high note without even thinking about it. ... when I'm on the road I know what to do technically to save my voice, whereas before I wouldn't have had a clue. Working with Jo has definitely made a difference to me as an artist."

James Morrison

"I first went to Jo with a voice that I was straining and pushing - it was okay but I wasn't singing with proper technique. Now I can maintain tours and runs of extended performances with no problems - for example, I played 38 festivals this summer. I've also extended my range and tone because I can now sing clearly and with the right technique. I also suffered from crazy anxiety and Jo taught me how to relax, how to put it into my voice, to enjoy singing, and really encouraged me to do that with confidence. I've recommended loads of people to go to her and they all come back like, `Yeah, she's incredible'. Jo's a lovely person to be around."

John Newman

"I think our tour operators should send Jo a huge crate of champagne as without her help and advice on technique and warming up my voice, there is no way I could have completed all the shows that I've done!"

Craig David

"When I came to Jo I had lost a lot of technique and ability to preserve my voice for the duration of a 45-minute show. Jo helped me build back my stamina to a level I didn't believe were possible. It's the biggest pleasure to work with Jo on such a personal level, and ultimately she has enabled me to understand and trust my vocal capabilities."

Ella Eyre